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Flexible solutions for you and your business

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Business & People Support

Our Business & People Support is for busy professionals looking for a strategic Executive for their Business, and the People that run it, without the expense of hiring a full-time employee.

Providing professional support across key business areas, including operational support, people management and administration, our team are available to everyone, from CEO's to Managing Directors, Non-Executive Directors, and Entrepreneurs. 

PA Services

Our PA Services act as the friendly, efficient professional you need to take the pressure off your day to day affairs. Whether it's dealing with emails, arranging international travel, liaising with staff or confirming logistics for that all important meeting, we'll be there to help.

Supporting busy professionals and families, Notebook & Pen's PA Services bring calm and organisation to your life, inside and outside of your working environment. With our core skill of forward-planning and scrupulous time management, we'll ensure a seamless flow to your hectic schedule.

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Do you need more time for
you and your business?

Your schedule is packed…You’re meeting with the Board of Directors one day, the Finance Team the next. Emails flood in when don’t have the time to reply or react. And then there’s time management – do you organise the mentoring session for next Tuesday, or do you rearrange so you have time for your child's sports day?


And breathe…


We understand – it’s hectic, and as many of our clients tell us, running or managing a business can be truly overwhelming, and getting a work-life balance can seem almost impossible. So, what’s the answer? How do you remain productive, keep your business functioning, but still have time for you?

There is a solution...


At Notebook & Pen, our expertise lies in giving you back the time you’re losing, by helping to reorganise your schedule, manage your time, and plan ahead to create the space you need for family and friends, your own health and wellbeing, and the more enjoyable aspects of your business; the reason it all began.


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