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About Us

Office Night Shift

It's not all about us

After working for 20 years in private and public sector organisations, Amy took her knowledge and experience of the corporate world, along with her exceptional organisational skills, and established Notebook & Pen.

Since its beginnings in 2018, with Amy at the helm, Notebook & Pen has gone on to help numerous CEOs, Managing Directors, and other top executives, manage their recruitment and HR needs, develop their businesses, keep diaries and calendars in ‘tip top shape’, and to gain insight from her all-encompassing background in business.


An indispensable team member

In her role as Executive Assistant, Amy’s reliability and efficiency, as well as her ability to adapt responsively and calmly in pressured situations, has helped Notebook & Pen gain long-standing clients within organisations of all sizes, who now regard Notebook & Pen as an indispensable element to their business.

A team when it’s needed

As anyone in business knows, there are times when a project requires a team. At Notebook & Pen we have a trusted team, with wide-ranging skill-sets, who are able to step in at a moments notice, ensuring all projects are completed on budget and without interruption.

But, it’s not all about us…

We want to get to know you, how you work, how your business functions, how your team interacts, and how you currently manage life and everything it throws at you. To do this, we’ll work closely with you and your team, building a solid relationship where you feel trust and confidence that we’re able to carry out whichever duties you assign, with the high level of confidentiality and professionalism you’d expect.

Our Values

Our values underpin the way we behave and interact with colleagues, clients, and others.

Act with Integrity

We will always be honest and fair, taking responsibility for our actions.



As an extention of you and your team, you can trust and rely on us to work and behave respectfully. 


We work flexibly, aligning with the needs of the task at hand. Change is exciting!


We love what we do! Your success is our success, and we always strive for the best results.



A friendly team, we're easy to talk to, and put you at ease when engaging with us. 



We set high standards and care about our output. We're confident in the results we achieve but always aim to improve. 

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