A few words about us

Amy has been super supportive going above and beyond. I am just starting out and I have probably asked a million daft questions but she has been fab.

 A real pleasure to work with, working at my own pace and making recommendations on how to improve and do things better. Am grateful for her support and flexibility

Marion Ellis, Founder, InspiringCX

Don't just take our word for it, this is what our clients have said about us and our services...

Amy has done fantastic work, she is super organised and effective, has taken on tasks confidently and with a great sense of humour. We have all greatly appreciated having her as part of the team

Karen Middleton 
Campaign Manager, MMHA EB Campaign


Amy has worked for me on a number of occasions, and I choose her because she is so detailed and organised in what she does. I have used her for my property management company and have required her when I have been abroad and need the extra work done or when I have a lot more work than normal.  I would highly recommend her if you have a business, she will just get on with it and is very efficient in the way she does things.

Roksana Akhtar, Director, Mintstead Ltd


I can only recommend Amy in the highest possible terms. She quickly understands a brief and a situation, rapidly does the job with a thoroughness, nuance, discretion and professional charm that was both a pleasure to work with and a real asset in dealing with clients and partners. Simply first rate.

Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics at London Business School and Co-Founder of The Longevity Forum

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