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The start of another decade fast approaching...

The last year of this current decade is nearly complete and what a year it’s been! 2019 saw our first full calendar year of business (started in the Spring of 2018) and it’s been brilliant.

We’ve worked with a multitude of different clients, a number of ongoing contracts to ad hoc tasks and specific one-off projects. Clients have included solicitors, individuals, charities, accountants, estate agents and many more. This variety has taught us lots too; understanding different people and their approach to business – we love it.

This year saw us reach capacity for several months and as a result we worked super long days to ensure everything our clients asked for was completed on time and to the high standards expected from us. Reflecting upon this time is important and that is what we have done. This reflection has meant a few changes for the business as we approach 2020. These changes are in terms of what we can offer and the clients we are in the best position to support. Supporting clients with business services; including the day to day HR function, operational support, project management, client services etc. will all still be undertaken, alongside the Personal Assistant support we offer to several Directors and Private clients. What we have experienced is that for us to fully understand and engage with you and your business, we must immerse ourselves in what is going on with you and your business. We must best position ourselves ready to support and foresee the demands that arise, and deal with these on your behalf. We build relationships, understand you and your business, your clients and interactions. By doing all of this, our proactive, strategic nature comes into its own and successful things happen.

When it comes to offering Personal Assistant services, this has been our busiest area, we like to think it’s because we are extraordinarily organised! Working across international time zones, managing all manner of tasks and planning ahead; we offer the most professional and discreet service to our clients. We love nothing more than managing your diary, clearing your inbox, progressing your ‘to do’ list and ensuring everything is happening where and when it should be.

Immersing ourselves into your business isn’t for everyone but working with us in this way enables us to identify and strategically plan more streamlined and efficient ways of working. We look at your business from an outsider’s perspective, something very different. This year we have already written large numbers of procedures for small businesses where we identified a need for change and in some cases, get down on paper the great things that were already happening. We bring our vast experience and expertise to your business to help you make changes that support you offering a more efficient and effective service to your clients. After all we all want happy and satisfied clients, don’t we?

Looking forward to a new year of adventure and opportunities, may we take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

From us,

Notebook & Pen.

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