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Twenty six weeks later...

The conversation generally starts with ‘so, what do you do?’

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Pretty much every time I meet someone this question gets asked. I thought about how to concisely summarise the wide ranging, variety of work I undertake for clients. I thought I’d cracked it when I referred to myself as an Executive Assistant (EA), but this appears to need further clarification. The term Virtual Assistant (VA) is known somewhat more widely than EA; many clients refer to me as a VA and I really don’t mind. I have no concerns over what you call me (within reason), it’s about the value I bring clients and their businesses. If I didn’t add value in some way, there would be no need for an EA or VA, or for that matter; any form of assistant. I chose the phrase ‘Freelance Executive Assistant’ to capture the flexible, professional and highly organised offering Notebook & Pen pride themselves on delivering.

Now to clarify what I do. I looked back over the past six months realising that the work undertaken has ranged from organising UK wide engagement workshops, email and diary management, social media management, research, database creation, workflows, customer facing correspondence, HR tasks and lots more. In a nutshell this is the easiest way to explain to someone what I do; give them examples.

When I started Notebook & Pen, I never imagined the variety of work requests I would receive; from working with individuals to small and medium businesses. I have never once felt the dread of getting up for work, working late, nor working on a weekend. I am passionate about the work I undertake for clients. I have endless enthusiasm but most importantly I get the work done in a professional manner. One client may have recently allured to my sense of humour; well you’ve got to enjoy what you do and have a laugh now and again.

Leading Notebook & Pen over the past six months has been a learning curve, but one that has been exciting, if not challenging at times. I have the pleasure of working with fabulous clients, expanding the team to support more clients and ultimately providing a highly valued service. I have nipped out to the shops during the day, eaten way too many snacks, drunk a lot of coffee… but that’s the privilege of being your own boss! I have also met lots of new people at networking events, attended co working in the pub! and attended conferences to further my knowledge.

I want to thank everyone who has supported Notebook & Pen since April and continues to do so.

Please do get in touch if there is anything you need help or support with, I’d love to help.

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