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2020 - 2 going on 3...

It all began two years ago with a small idea… and here we are! I want to share an update on how things are going at Notebook & Pen HQ and some thoughts for the world of work. We are in a new decade and already a third of the way through 2020; amongst some challenging and uncertain times. So, this blog is something different, working with the company name I have reflected a little and shared a few little insights with you.

I hope you enjoy!

N – never stop learning. I’m currently studying the CIPD Intermediate Certificate in Human Resources Management, it’s extremely interesting and have already learnt so much that I can share with my clients. Keep your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) up to date and it will pay dividends (also rather useful to keep the grey matter going strong). There are so many learning and training opportunities including free online learning, there really is something for everyone.

O – opportunities. Seize them all. Take that call, give video calls a go, learn a new technology platform. You never know what each opportunity may bring - embrace those scary thoughts that you are a little out of your depth, be openminded. I’ve taken on work this past year that at first glance was something I thought I couldn’t do, but it turns out I can! These opportunities have taken me in new directions and it’s been fabulous. You never know what is around the corner, but take a peek and head that way!

T – thank you! Thank you to every one of whom has supported Notebook & Pen over the past few years and continues to do so. Feeling extremely grateful to have such fantastic support from friends, family, colleagues, fellow businesses and clients. Without this support and encouragement, things may have been very different. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

E – excited. I still get extremely excited about my work, my clients and everything that comes with it. I truly love my job and I also get very excited when I learn something new. Love what you do and be excited!

B – believe in yourself. As a business owner this can be tough as we aren’t always good at everything required to run a business. A good starting point is to believe in yourself that you will, and can, make it a success. I’ve been blessed with many different people believing in me, more than I do in myself, and this has had a huge impact on my work. So, when someone says you can do something – prove it, you totally can do it!

O – obsessed. To run a successful business there has to be a degree of obsession with it. It becomes everything and to me, this is so true. I live and breathe my work, but that’s my choice. It is with this obsession that I deliver the level of service I do and I would have it no other way.

O – organised. I am super organised and probably too much so, in that every part of my day, week and year is planned out. It’s in being this organised that I offer the services I do to my clients; organising their lives or business in a way that works for them. I love a diary, a sticky note, a note on the fridge, a weekly planner and the electronic work calendar. You could say I’m a little obsessed with organisation.

K – kindness. Be kind, help others and do this selflessly. A sprinkle of kindness goes a long way as these current times have shown us.


P – professionalism. One of my drivers is to deliver the utmost of professionalism in everything I do. Acting on behalf of clients and as an ambassador for them and their business, it is important to be professional and display the required behaviours.

E – Executive Assistant. That’s me! I got it in…. the best job in the world (according to me!)

N – networking events are my sanity. I attend The Bee’s Knees Business Club in Leighton Buzzard regularly and occasionally other relevant networking opportunities. Networking isn’t for everyone but when the majority of your week you are working from home, it’s nice to get out and meet people. Networking has also connected me with some amazing and fabulous people which is extremely helpful when a client asks for a particular skill or service and you have someone you know to recommend.

Heading into year three of business at Notebook & Pen, it’s extremely exciting (mainly because the business is still here and things are going well). Whilst not knowing what is ahead, I wanted to share a final thought with you all.

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