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Wow, ok, so I’m sitting here in my home office and wondering quite what I’ve gone and done. I had some mad idea for some time that I wanted to work for myself and do my own thing; haven’t we all? So, when the opportunity presented itself, I actually decided this could be a real thing. Working for myself, doing my own thing, planning my own world.... here I am… the boss; of my very own company.

I have spent some time playing with business ideas and coming up with business names; having spent many hours checking out domain names. I knew it had to embrace simplicity and order; I’ve seen many times in business these fundamentals are often neglected. I wanted to support, engage and motivate people already in business to be better at what they do, what they offer and their service delivery. I built upon the idea that most things (in my world) start with a pen and paper; jotting down notes, ideas and brainstorming. That’s it; I’ll call it ‘Notebook & Pen’. If starting your own business was as simple as an idea and a business name – I’ve cracked it!

So what is this ‘Notebook & Pen’ grand business idea, I hear you say? I am your Executive Assistant (EA) you didn’t know you needed, until now. I can make coffee and type letters, but with my strategic mindset and desire to achieve best value in business; I will support you with anything that means you have more time to be the Boss. I can work one hour or one week, as a regular thing or as a one off, from home or in your own offices. Having a fully flexible EA, stepping in when you need it most, saves money (don't we all like that concept!) and doesn’t require you to have a full time member of staff if you don’t need one. I am able to provide office management, business administration, assist with recruitment, marketing, events…. if it involves organising something, saving money, building your brand or taking the daily pressure off, I’m the one to help! I’ve written successful award entries, magazine articles and advertorials; I’m a good all-rounder for your business.

The challenges ahead scare but excite me too. Anyone that knows me will understand my love of a challenge and my determination to achieve good things. The prospect of supporting and helping others do the best they can, is where my passion lies. With my experience across the building and construction industry, alongside a slight obsession with the importance of customer service, my journey has now begun. Thank you to all those that have supported my mad idea to run my own business and are continuing to do so as I commence my journey. Please join me along the way. If I can help you in any way, get in touch. I have the essential technological requirements to get in touch, such as an email address, a facebook page, a mobile (it accepts both calls and texts) and will soon have a website (work in progress, but I'll let you know when its complete).

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